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Cruise Coral Reef Australia New Zealand

cruises from Townsville, dive in Australia, cruises in australian coral reef, barrier reef dive cruises, great barrier reef in queensland, great barrier cruises from Townsville, great barrier cruises from cairns, snorkeling in Australia, snorkeling in cairns, dive queensland, ecotourism cruises in Australia, diving in Townsville, cruises from cairns, dive to lizard island, cruise to cooktown, cruises to lizard island, adventure cruises in queensland. Coral Princess Cruises pioneered Australia Great Barrier Reef cruising in 1984 with a converted World War II Submarine Chaser carrying 24 passengers. In January 1988 our belief in the concept of nature based cruising and our commitment to the provision of a first class, soft adventure, truly Australian environmental experience resulted in the commissioning of Coral Princess. Following the success of this vessel Coral Princess II was commissioned in 1996. The professional crew we employ to operate our outstanding vessels and our land based support team is selected on their ability and willingness to provide all guests with exemplary service and an unforgettable environmental and leisure experience.

Our current itineraries include 3, 4 or 7 night Great Barrier Reef and Island experiences as well as 10 night expeditions in the Kimberley and 11 night reef and outback cruise Across the Top of Australia. One of the attractions of the Coral Princess operation is the accessibility of the dive product to all-comers, even those who have never dived or snorkelled before. Introductory dive is free and then pay-as-you-go.

Our expedition-style cruise ships are large enough to provide all the comforts and facilities you would expect of larger cruise ships, yet small enough to enable us to access reef and island sites inaccessible to other vessels. With our open bridge policy and small passenger numbers, guests will participate in an environmental experience, which is both personal and memorable.

The product is offered in such a way as to allow passengers the options of virtually complete immersion in an eco-tourism adventure through to basic relaxed shipboard life.

Passengers are made fully aware of the possibilities offered and then progressively make their own choices as to the form of their experience.

When you join us aboard one of our award-winning expedition-style cruise ships, be ready to experience the adventure of a lifetime.